Top Reasons to Visit Seoul

Seoul is a place full of creativity and you can visualize creativity here in everything including fashion, food, art, architecture and everything else. If you’ve got your visa from visa express you shouldn’t waste any more time and plan your trip to Seoul real soon. There are different flights you can get to Seoul. If you’re a lover of culture and art, you must pay a visit to Seoul. One who has already planned a visit to Seoul doesn’t need to have too many reasons to visit this place.

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However, some of the best reasons for you to visit Seoul are explained below as follows: 

  • So much to shop

People are more attracted to Seoul knowing that it’s a tourist destination but, you will be surprised to know that it’s a great place to shop as well. If you’re here with one or two suitcases, it’s sure that you will have to get back with a few more. The best part about shopping in Seoul is the huge discounts which are offered on the products. In terms of fashion, Korea is a very forward country and they offer major discounts towards the end of every season. So, it’s not unlikely for you to avail your favourite products at discounts as high up to 90%. 

  • Coffee culture 

Seoul is even more wired than Korea. They not only offer superior fast internet speed in the whole world but you will also find a coffee shop at all corners. Korea is great in terms of socialization, and you will often see that people don’t invite their friends to their house but hang out in public places. Coffee shops are considered the best location for a casual meet up. Whenever you’re at a coffee shop in Seoul, you must remember that you’re not just playing for the coffee but also for amenities like Wi-Fi and the space you get to carry on your work. 

  • Safety 

Before visiting any country, we always look for the safety factor. In terms of safety, Seoul is going to captivate your attention. It’s a safe country for tourists and you needn’t worry about anything. Even in terms of crime, this country has the lowest rate. Unlike other metropolitan countries, Korea is very safe and there are almost no crimes committed. You can leave your mobile phone, wallet anywhere at a coffee shop and still expect to get it back when you go there. 

  • Go hiking 

Seoul, like other parts of Korea, has a lot of mountains. You can try ascending across mountains such as Namsan or the adventure in outskirts of this country to hike up other mountains. The main difference you can get in Korea is that the mountain base is full of trekking shops, the mountains are visited by people always, there are several Buddhist temples spread all across the mountains and when the topmost point is reached, you will find a lot of exercise equipment to work on. There are numerous mountains to hike across in Seoul and if you’re a mountain lover, you will love this place and the various winter activities which are offered to the tourists who visit Seoul. 

  • Get any food you like

Keeping aside creamy cottage cheese and butternut, you can find any food you like in Seoul. Not only Korean BBQ but you can find many other dishes in Seoul. It’s highly recommended for you to taste Korean food. The Korean people are very choosy in terms of food but you will also find that majority of cuisine is sugar-less and has a lot of flavours. When you’re in Seoul, you needn’t worry about getting suitable food because you can always find what you like on your hands.  

So, these are the top reasons why you should visit Seoul. There are many other reasons why you would want to visit this place too but, the ones mentioned are some of the primary reasons for visiting Seoul. You just need to get your tickets booked and bucket list ready to plan a trip to Seoul. 

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