Uber just launched the tipping service in the Jamaican Market…finally. – Silicon Caribe

In an email to customers, Uber in Jamaica announced their tipping service. Something we gave them as an urgent action item a few weeks ago, if they are to remain viable in the hot Jamaican ride-share market.

Uber entered Jamaica just over a year ago and racked up 15,000 customers, taking over 200,000 rides, making just over an estimated JMD$100million dollars in gross revenue, while gathering a crap load of data on Uber customer habits. Then came InDriver and the debate as to who will win the market.

Then it hit a snag with app glitches and a grumpy driver pool unhappy with low rates. Fast forward to the last 30 days since an Uber team visited Kingston-the app glitch has been fixed, fares have been increased, and now this…Tipping.

Let’s see if Uber can rebound from the mini exodus of drivers and customers who switched to InDriver because for drivers the rates were better and for customers, the cars came faster even as the poor quality of drivers and their services remains a constant cry.

The competition remains hot.

Have a read of the last article we wrote about that a few weeks ago Jamaican ride-share market.

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