Upcoming Multifamily Conference offers investors unmatched opportunities to learn, network and grow

Next month, The Multifamily Conference will bring together some of the biggest names in multifamily investing for a one-of-a-kind event designed to help attendees learn, network, and scale their businesses for huge growth. The conference is one of the only events that focuses exclusively on multifamily investing and is one of the best ways to learn how to get started or grow your business in multifamily investing. And, at long last, this event is being presented live in-person rather than behind a computer screen.

The two-day conference is being held in Toronto from May 14-15. The schedule includes a range of talks and panels from big names like Kevin O’Leary, Joe Fairless, Joel Block, and more. Along with opportunities to learn from the best, the conference provides unmatched opportunities for networking with like-minded investors from across North America. Attendees can look forward to learning new ideas and strategies that they can put to work to make 2022 their biggest year yet.

We spoke to Seth Ferguson, chair of The Multifamily Conference, about why he and his team decided to host this event, what he’s most excited about, and why you should consider attending.

Whether you’re an established investor looking for ways to grow or you’re just starting out in the field of multifamily investing, this event has something for everyone.

“If you’re a brand new investor, what you’re going to get out of the conference is a foundation in every single aspect of the multifamily business,” explained Ferguson. “As someone who is brand new, you’re going to leave after two days with probably the most solid foundation out there in multifamily investing. As an experienced investor, you’re going to learn all about how to take your business to the next level. How can you raise more capital and deploy it more effectively and efficiently? How can you add more units to your portfolio? We’ll cover all that and more.”

The Multifamily Conference is the first of its kind in Canada; a large-scale event focussing specifically on multifamily investing. Ferguson and his team at The Multifamily Conference recognized an opportunity to share their knowledge in a way that no one else was doing and provide massive value to attendees.

“If you want to be successful in multifamily, this is the place to hear from the top performers in the industry, meet the right people and learn about the frameworks that are working in today’s market. If you’re on the fence, you’re only holding yourself back if you don’t come,” said Ferguson.

The timing of this event couldn’t be more appropriate. Over the past two years, the real estate field has seen so many changes and new growth. Meanwhile, investors have been unable to meet and network in ways that would allow them to make the most of their potential.

Ferguson says: “ I guarantee we have missed out on deals and opportunities because we have not been networking in person,” and readily admits, “I hate Zoom meetings with a passion.”

“Let’s be honest, virtual learning doesn’t come anywhere close to the real thing. There’s no real networking. You’re often very distracted, and you just can’t absorb information the same way you would face to face. Finally, meeting back in person is all about having those conversations with people that you just happened to bump into and it leads to something more. It’s about the energy in the room. It’s about actually hearing the speakers and having that light bulb moment when you’re in the audience. That can’t be replicated over the computer.”

According to Ferguson, one of the features he is excited about at the Multifamily Conference is the event’s official after-party, open to VIP and platinum attendees. Not content with being “just another real estate seminar”, the afterparty represents The Multifamily Conference’s goal to be more exciting and engaging than your average event, in line with the mentality of “work hard, play hard.”

The Multifamily Conference is being hosted from May 14-15 in Toronto. Tickets are on sale now, with three separate tier levels offering increasingly exclusive benefits. Until Friday, April 29th, you can enter to win a VIP ticket upgrade and get exclusive discounts at https://www.multifamilyconference.ca/vip-draw

If you are serious about doing bigger deals, growing your business and scaling, don’t wait around: VIP tickets are already 80% sold out, and only 50% of platinum tier tickets are remaining. Get your tickets today and get ready to take your business to the next level in 2022.

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