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Angella Brock, the Founding Partner and CEO of Gro52, an applied biotech company advancing the science of producing specialty cannabinoids to meet the growing demand for premium quality, sociality cannabinoids that set the highest standards for efficacy and improved quality of life products for consumers everywhere joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Angella Brock discuss the following:

  1. What is Gro52? How was it formed, and what are your main goals?
  2. What are the main research projects Gro52 is undertaking?
  3. How does today’s policies help or hinder the research you are doing?
  4. I’ve been told you have a belief that hemp has more qualities than other variations of Cannabis, why is that?
  5. How does Gro52 differentiate itself from other Cannabis companies?

Angella Brock is a Founding Partner & CEO of Gro52 LLC., an applied biotech company dramatically advancing the science of producing specialty cannabinoids and recognized industry-wide for producing highest quality USDA Certified Organic CBG.

Brock is also the Founder & Managing Director of Brock Global Advisors Ltd., a private strategic and financial advisory firm to UHNW individuals and Fortune 1000 companies; domestic, international, multinational.


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