What Software to Use to Feed Your LinkedIn Leads to Sales Automation Platforms?

Top 5 Tools to Feed Your LinkedIn Leads to Sales Automation Platforms

As the most popular professional network, LinkedIn is not only good for your own professional development but also B2B prospecting and sales. Just as LinkedIn inspires people to make strong connections, it also offers a convenient platform for marketers and salespeople to scale their lead generation efforts using automated systems and tools.

However, the problem many marketers face is not having enough time to do that manually. Even though LinkedIn provides its own tool, Sales Navigator, it doesn’t include automation functionality and cannot be used to scale your outreach. If salespeople and marketers fail to equip themselves with top-class automation tools, they will take ages, fueling their pipelines with high-quality leads. For businesses, this means you may miss out on multiple opportunities for new leads.

To help you avoid such hindrances, here are some of the best automation tools for marketing your business on LinkedIn:


LinkedIn automation tools include various features that can help digital marketers with B2B outreach, sales pitches, and reaching out to qualified leads. They go well beyond the basic activity of sending and receiving connection requests, which LinkedIn calls “stalking.” LinkedIn automation tools create online profiles, locate senior decision-makers, send personalized messages, and follow prospects. Once you use these tools to connect with prospects on LinkedIn, there’s no reason as to why you should not convert them into leads. It is now possible to send thousands of cold prospects warm, personalized messages without doing the actual legwork.

There are many such automation tools available, and all of them work. The decision to use one depends on the kind of results you’re looking for. In this article, we’ll share the top 5 LinkedIn automation tools with you so you can make an informed decision.

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Wiza is a Chrome extension that makes it easy to find and compile a list of verified emails on LinkedIn. Together with Sales Navigator, the tool works via a series of searches. You enter keywords, and Wiza scrapes your contacts and profiles to generate an email list of people who meet the criteria. You can then export those contacts as a CSV file—easy! Once you receive an email from Wiza, you can reply directly from your Gmail inbox without having to switch applications. You also receive automated reminders when someone reaches out to you via Wiza’s automation system. And if that person is a match for your business, Wiza will even let you know about it.

A free trial offers you to export 20 emails; the plans start with $0.15 per valid email address.


PhantomBuster is a cloud-based software that helps marketers and salespeople automate their everyday tasks and scale their business on autopilot. The PhantomBuster platform automates more than 100 services, and LinkedIn is just one of them, by extracting data from various sources, enriching lists of leads, creating outreach campaigns on LinkedIn, and automating posts on social media. Running from the cloud, PhantomBuster keeps working even after you turn out your computer.

A free trial and a free plan give users 10 minutes per day of execution time and one flow. Paid plans start at $30 per month.


AeroLeads is a Chrome-plugin LinkedIn automation tool that scrapes LinkedIn data and creates lists of unique emails for you. With this software, your business-to-business sales reps will find new leads and phone numbers from LinkedIn profiles with a single click, which means you’ll never waste time manually searching for contacts again. Search by name and get to 15 data points on your leads, and even a link to their profile!

A free trial gives access to 10 credits. Each batch of 1,000 credits will cost you $49 per month in the first paid plan.


Kennected is an automated outreach system that helps you make LinkedIn connections and build a pipeline of leads. Step One, put together a list of leads from your CRM, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, or another app like Hunter.io, Outreach, HubSpot, etc. Step Two, create messages to your leads. Step Three, schedule cold emails and follow-ups. Finally, hit start and see your outreach campaigns running.

The pricing for Kennected starts at $59.95 per user per month. No free trial is available.


Zopto is a powerful cloud-based lead generation tool that seamlessly integrates with LinkedIn and allows you to customize audiences to suit your needs. The tool allows you to create beautiful landing pages, then integrate them with the most popular social media networks so you can promote your landing pages and convert prospects into leads. With this tool, you can also filer contacts and companies, customize the level of engagement, and manage leads. The interface of Zopto is also clean and easy to navigate from day one. However, you will need to manually import data from LinkedIn into Zopto, which can be a hassle if you don’t have a premium LinkedIn account.

Zopto plans start with $215 per month with no free options available.

What do we do next?

So now, when you have your email lists built and outreach-ready, you can shoot right away. However, supplementing your martech with more tools can solve other problems associated with B2B lead generation. Every small business can find itself struggling with various aspects of the sales process. Let’s see what tools can help you.

  • Email service provider (ESP). Don’t use your corporate mail (Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft) for cold email outreach as it can damage your domain reputation. Instead, opt for MailChimp, MailGun, SendGrid, PepePost, or SparkPosts to be able to warm up your inboxes gradually and prevent your emails from bouncing back.
  • Spam issues. Use email spam checkers like Folderly to improve email deliverability and fix spam issues.
  • Content creation. If you don’t have a specially designated team of designers and content creators, help yourself with image creation and copywriting tools. Canva helps marketers create images for social media feeds and presentations. Copy.ai and Conversion.ai help sales teams create texts of any length.
  • Project management. Trello is a universal tool for setting up tasks, seeing the status of projects, and giving feedback.

Building your effective business-to-business lead generation

Even though some companies buy ready-made lists of business leads, doing prospecting in-house makes a lot of business sense. For one, you have more control over the quality of leads that enter your databases. Develop an ICP and get your team to match all prospects against it. In this regard, LinkedIn is a bottomless pit of B2B leads and prospecting clients. If you know how to automate email list building on LinkedIn, you can easily transfer fresh leads to your sales automation platforms like Salesforce, HubSpot, or whatever you prefer to use for your prospecting and outreach. On the other side, you can always delegate generating leads to sales agency Belkins. As a reputable agency, we have experience, skills, and tools to do prospecting at scale and help your business accelerate revenue.

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