What’s worse?

What’s worse, having no access to the internet or range anxiety?

A few weekends ago, our Internet was down. We all laugh about who will have the biggest anxiety attack first, but the reality is the Internet is the backend software of our lives.

We couldn’t access music, and we couldn’t access Apple TV, we couldn’t get projects done that needed online access, we couldn’t even look up the questions we were looking for answers for.

We have all become more dependent on that connectivity to live our lives. Even accessing one’s bank account or paying someone in Venmo became impossible to do.

Sure I was frustrated, but I was more amazed at how much I needed access to the world wide web—even buying a new ebook.

For some reason, it makes me think about people who expect things to be like they used to be, from learning how to write in cursive to old-style ways to education. Sure they worked at one point, but as the world around us has changed, we need to pay attention to the reality of how our world exists.

Then this past week, we took a short jaunt up to Paso Robles with my brother and sister-in-law. We both have electric vehicles. We have a Tesla, and they have a Volvo. Different chargers.

Here we were in California, a state that appears to care about alternative energy. We found a charge for America spot for the Volvo, but it was far from user-friendly. The hotel had only Tesla chargers that took hours and hours to charge the car. Making sure we were both fully charged was top of mind the entire trip. More stressful for the Volvo than the Tesla, but still.

It is a dog fight that gave everyone more anxiety, but hundreds of miles from home, needing a plug to get the car back wins the race. If we move into the future, getting online or charging your car should be accessible anywhere.

You can’t expect people to buy electric cars when access to power stations is limited. You can’t expect kids to use the Internet for homework when their neighborhood doesn’t have broadband access. Our roads and bridges need serious maintenance but not having access to the Internet and a fast-charging station are just if not more important.

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