Where Can I Buy a Telfar Shopping Bag?

Telefar Shopping Bag Stores

Have you heard of the Telfar shopping bag? If you haven’t, where have you been? These little bags are taking the fashion world by storm, thanks to their reasonable price point and inclusivity. The founder of the bag, Telfar Clemens, seeks to make the bag accessible to everyone. However, because the bags are so popular, you may have a hard time buying one, partly because there are no Telfar shopping bag stores. . .yet.

What’s To Love About the Telfar Shopping Bag?

People love these bags for several key reasons:

The Bags Are Affordable

The bags come in three sizes, and the price ranges from $150 to $257, depending on the size you order.

They Are Vegan

If you’re concerned about animal rights, this bag is for you. They are made entirely of vegan leather.

Telfar Is a Black-Owned Company

After the death of George Floyd, more people want to support black-owned businesses, which Telfar is.

Where Can I Buy a Telfar Shopping Bag

The best place to buy a Telfar shopping bag is on the company’s website, Telfar.net. However, a quick perusal of the site recently shows all bags sold out.

You can still find a Telfar shopping bag, even if doing so takes some time. Try these strategies to own your own bag.

Sign Up for the Company’s Newsletter

The newsletter lets customers know when new Telfar bag designs will drop. For instance, the chocolate bag drops on August 15, 2022, at noon. If you know this ahead of time, you can stalk the website for a chance to buy your own bag, but be forewarned, these sell out quickly!

Follow the Company on Social Media

Likewise, follow the company on social media for the most recent updates.

Use the Bag Security Program

Telfar shopping bag stores

To try to stop individuals from buying the bags and then selling them at two or three times the list price, Telfar started the Bag Security Program. Periodically (usually twice a year), Telfar opens up its site for about three days for all customers to place orders for the bags they want. Then, those bags are custom-made for each customer. This program is the best way to guarantee you get the Telfar bag you want.

Telfar Shopping Bag Stores

Since its inception in 2005, Telfar has only sold its goods online. However, that is about to change. Telfar himself announced earlier this year that a Telfar store will open in New York City. While the store has not opened yet, it is in the works.

Final Thoughts

While there aren’t Telfar shopping bag stores that you can physically visit, there will soon be a flagship store in New York City. Meanwhile, if you want a Telfar shopping bag, you’ll need to buy it on the website, either when a new bag drops or during the Bag Security Program. With patience and diligence, you can soon have your own Telfar shopping bag.

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