Where People Mean Everything with Steven J. Anderson

Steven J. Anderson a sought-after speaker, author, entrepreneur, and agent for creating “Where People Mean Everything” customer service culture in organization joins Enterprise Radio.

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Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Steven J. Anderson discuss the following:

  1. Why, in this time of change – bad and good – impacting millions of people and their careers and lives – did you decide to write on this particular topic – service in business and in life? Why is this important? Why right now?
  2. How did your dad influence your philosophy about business and service?  Tell us a bit about him?
  3. One lesson in The Bicycle Book jumped right out because it’s unexpected, to say the least. It’s a moment that feels like a catastrophe, when it happens, that your dad shows you what is an opportunity for a major win in customer relations. How in the world is breaking a nice lady’s window good, now bad, and what’s the takeaway for people in business here and now?
  4. Another surprise right in there, is what your Dad tells you – and you tell us – about Customer Satisfaction. And why isn’t that enough? Do we have to get to the next level the way you did, but messing up big-time?
  5. There’s a through line you talk about in The Bicycle Book – Where People Mean Everything. It ties together your dad and an overall message about service and what it means. You present it first as a promise, which is Step One to serving others, explain what you mean by this.
  6. The Bicycle Book says there’s a Part Two to the Promise.  Your Dad let you learn it the hard way, on your very first day delivering papers.  Talk about this and how your paper route influenced you and the lessons you learned from it.

Steven J. Anderson is a sought-after speaker, author, entrepreneur, and agent for creating “Where People Mean Everything” customer service culture in organization.  As the founder of over a dozen businesses, including the Total Patient Service Institute, Crown Council, Dental Warranty Corporation, and many others, he has propelled organizations and individuals to the highest levels of performance and productivity. Anderson has been named  “Businessman of the Year” by Excellence in Dentistry and has been an “Entrepreneur of the Year” finalist.

His philanthropic efforts include being a co-founder of the Smiles for Life Foundation, which has raised and donated over $40 million to children’s charitable projects around the world, as well as the founder of Eagle University, which helps high school and college students get a 7-year head start on their career.

Anderson’s previous books include Nearly Everything I learned in Kindergarten Screwed Me Up!, The Culture of Success – 10 Natural Laws for Creating the Place Where Every¬one Wants to Work, and The 13 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make.  He has written hundreds of articles for industry publications and produced a large library of audio and video learning programs. He hosts two monthly programs, viewed by thousands around the world, interested in boosting productivity and profits.

Steven J. Anderson lives in Texas with his wife, six daughters and one son.

Website: https://stevenjanderson.com

Social Media Links:
Instagram: https://instagram.com/thestevenjanderson
Facebook: https://facebook.com/steven.j.anderson1
Linkedin: https://linkedin.com/in/stevenjanderson1

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