Where to Find New Crypto Projects in 2022?

Today, cryptocurrency has replaced the way of payment and earning money for many network users. That is why crypto traders are looking for proven ways to invest money in successful projects. But where can you find them?


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There are many fraud platforms in the network that offer fake projects to make dishonest money. Fortunately, you can bypass such unacceptable platforms. There are many honest and reliable platforms willing to support the development of cryptocurrency. We will make it easier for you to choose a platform and search for crypto projects.

Check out our list of the safest platforms to find the best crypto projects.


Chainbroker.io is a reliable crypto platform that is widely used by people interested in cryptocurrency. You will be able to find new and up-to-date crypto projects by visiting the chain broker platform. All users can easily visit the https://chainbroker.io/projects  page and look for trending projects.

The website is easy to navigate and offers a fast search of crypto projects. Chainbroker offers clients various investing opportunities through reliable funds. You can look through the public and private projects, like the ZBS Capital fund by typing their names. Visitors can read detailed information about all projects: investors, the total amount of money raised, and the last funding.

That is why the crypto trading platform is so popular among net users.


The company was founded in 2012 in the United States. In 2021, Coinbase became the first company operating a cryptocurrency exchange to list its shares on the stock exchange.

Coinbase is a trusted online platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing digital currency. Coinbase includes the largest centralized cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, a crypto wallet, an NFT marketplace, and a service for custodial storage of digital assets and other products. Coinbase cooperates with various cryptocurrency projects and shares them with the world.

The platform is supported through different means like operational experience, strategic partnership, and distribution. Coinbase provides users with various projects and explains to users how to invest money to gain profit.


Coingecko is a crypto platform that has worked since 2014. Coingecko provides users with up-to-date cryptocurrency price listings and projects. The platform divides and highlights different types of projects and has an easy interface. The website provides users with all necessary search tools because it is easy to get lost among tons of different crypto projects.

Using Coingecko, you will always be updated about trading volume and crypto price information. You will be able to track the prices of crypto assets in the conditions of the rapid growth of the cryptocurrency industry with the help of the website. Generally, the platform is a trusted source of crypto news and tools for crypto traders.


Binance is a popular cryptocurrency exchange platform. Binance is the world’s largest online platform as it provides lots of crypto transactions, which allows traders to monitor the market movements of the largest number of digital assets and conduct real-time trading operations with maximum comfort. The trading platform is recognized by users thanks to the advanced services.

The Binance trading platform has two versions: basic and advanced. Their difference is that Binance Advanced offers higher quality charts and a wider range of technological tools. Due to the large number of users and available altcoins, the exchange offers a huge number of trading pairs. Binance offers visitors a large amount of well-detailed projects and crypto information.

Final Words

You have a wide choice of reliable cryptocurrency platforms. You can use https://chainbroker.io/funds/, Coinbase, Coingecko, and Binance. Each of the platforms is proven and trustworthy.

By visiting any of the platforms, you can find the project you need and work with it through reliable suppliers. Most sites offer users guides and explanations on cryptocurrency trading.



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