Who Is An Authorised Person


To trade in the capital market, you might need to do it through an authorised person, a professional who can guide you through the equity market.

To facilitate the overall investment procedure, authorised person serves as the point of contact for investors and stockbrokers. To assist you to maximize your profit, they match your investing needs with the greatest deals that are currently offered.

Authorised individuals play a significant role in the stock market and have a few key responsibilities.

Who is an Authorised Person?

A person, permitted by a stock broker, to act as their representative and grant access to a stock exchange’s trading platform is referred to as an authorised person.

Authorised individuals work with stockbrokers to offer investors investment possibilities. They carry out tasks like purchasing, selling, and trading securities, as well as helping stockbrokers grow their clientele.

They expand the stockbroker’s business book by attracting new investors and encouraging current clients to reinvest.

In addition to physically executing the transactions for investors, their duty also entails advising clients on investments and providing them with after-sales services.

However, authorised individuals are not formally registered with the exchanges. As a result, they are employed by stockbroking firms, which helps them develop a sophisticated business network.

Authorised Person in Stock Market

SEBI first mentioned the idea of an authorised person in 2009. Sub-broking is a lucrative career that allows you to run your own business. You have tremendous earning potential if you put in the effort.

Find a thorough enrolment guide if you are interested in becoming an authorised individual. Authorised individuals are required to register with SEBI.

Additionally, a contract detailing the rights, obligations, and financial terms of each party has been set up between the brokers and the authorised person.

Responsibilities of an Authorised Person

Multiple roles on the various frontier must be fulfilled by authorised individuals. It falls under the categories of stock exchange authorised individual roles, stockbroker roles, and client roles.

With the stock market

Authorised individuals will not fall under the direct jurisdiction of a stock exchange because they are not formal members of the stock exchange. However, an authorised person performs certain duties in support of it.

A stockbroker is the source of a franchise for an authorised individual. After getting the franchise, an authorised person’s main responsibility is to offer customers helpful stock market advice and help them make wiser investment choices.

Therefore, an authorised person’s main responsibility is to increase deals in his region.

With a Stockbroker

Authorised individuals work under the stockbrokers’ brand and have a set of responsibilities to the broking firm that employs them.

The following are the duties of authorised individuals towards stockbrokers:

  • Business expansion: The main responsibility of an authorised individual is to assist in maximising deals in his territory. By finding a lot of investors interested in buying securities and equities, he is in charge of expanding business volume.
  • Maintain the standard of all transactions: Authorised individuals are the ones in charge, and it is their responsibility to protect the credibility of the capital market by preventing investors from submitting false documentation to the stockbroker.
  • Maintaining clarity in transactions: The authorised individual works collaboratively with the stockbroker to retain and index all paperwork associated with each transaction that passes through his desk. In regards to dividends, incentive rights, shares, as well as other assets, they operate in the client’s best interests. They must also assist the stockbroker in updating papers that have been flagged as problematic.
  • Help a stockbroker with sales: They are required to provide stockbrokers with updates regarding all transactions carried out by their clients and to send sales notifications to them on behalf of the trading business.

With a Client

Authorised individuals play a key role in assisting traders in getting the most return on their investment.

The authorised person’s capacity to find profitable transactions for clientele and persuade them to increase their investment is crucial.

They accomplish this by helping the brokerage house grow its clientele while also giving clients a nice return on investment.

  • Investment facilitation: The main responsibility of the authorised person is to help clients make wise financial decisions. They offer all the assistance they can to help the client invest in shares wisely and get the highest return possible.
  • Suggestions for Investments: To assist his clients and make the investment process simple, an authorised person will also provide tips and market news on the finest bargains. They comprehend the needs and financial objectives of the customer and offer the greatest investment choices. As a member of the brokerage company, they gain marketing advice and news through training and seminars and pass that knowledge forward to clients. In addition, they keep in touch with customers and inform them about sales and promotions through frequent newsletters and emails.
  • Provide financial assistance to them: They aid clients in completing the last phase of their investment. They make their specialist knowledge available to their client’s order to streamline the stock brokerage procedure and encourage them to make informed stock selections.

Eligibility to Become an Authorised Person

  • The appointment of an Authorised Person may be made by an individual, partnership, or limited liability company.
  • The person must be at least 18 years old if it’s a partnership firm, LLP, or an individual.
  • The matrix should have been qualified by the Authorised Person as the 10th standard.
  • An authorised person should not have any prior convictions or a poor reputation.
  • The Authorised Person should be knowledgeable about the stock market.
  • The Authorised Person should have the necessary resources, including office space, staff, equipment, etc.

Therefore, you must make sure that you complete the requirements listed above if you want to become an Authorised Person linked with a stockbroker.

Registration Fee

The Authorised Person must pay a processing fee while submitting this application. The entry fee for NSE is set at Rs. 2,000 per category. The cost is a similar amount for BSE as well. The amount is exclusive of all taxes, and the AP will also be charged GST at the time of payment.

Required Paperwork for Authorised Person Registration

The following documents must be presented by the financial adviser to the exchange:

  • A written promise from the Authorised Person stating that they are ready to serve as the Authorised Person and will follow all relevant rules.
  • A written agreement in the required format between the Authorised Person and the stockbroker.
  • Copy of PAN card.
  • Proof of DOB
  • Address proof with a copy
  • A copy of your academic transcript

Advantages of Being an Authorised Person

  • Minimal Initial Investment – The first expenditure required to join a broking house as an authorised person starts from Rs. 10,000. The security deposit is really small with this type of particular franchise.
  • Outstanding Commission Sharing – This approach has excellent commission sharing or revenue sharing. A 60–90% revenue sharing is given to the authorised person.
  • Activity for Training – To keep their partners informed of any market shifts, the broking organization organizes training events for an authorised individual either monthly or every three months.
  • Support for Products & Services – Customers can trade in equity, commodities, currencies, futures, and options through them. The broking house offers them free complete assistance for all available trading platforms, including desktop terminals and mobile trading apps.


Authorised persons are crucial parts of the capital market and are necessary for it to run smoothly.

If you desire to become an authorised person, Choice India can assist you by giving you the necessary foundation through counselling, education, and its extensive network of authorised individuals.

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