Why ecommerce business needs a video marketing strategy

Video is the most versatile and profitable marketing tool and can drive a powerful impact for any ecommerce business. E-commerce product pages with videos convert up to 80% better than those without a video. What is more, 74% of consumers who watched a video of a product subsequently bought it. 

Not convinced that your business needs to incorporate video in its strategy? Here are several reasons why your company needs a video marketing strategy.

Consumers need videos to learn more about a product

Adding videos to the website has a significant impact on the purchase-decision process. Wyzowl conducted a survey and discovered that 98% of people surveyed watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service. 

There are several reasons why people love watching a video to learn more about a product. First of all, it is in our nature and it correlates directly with the way people process information. People who watch a video retain 95% of a message compared to 10% when they read it in text. Moreover, according to research by Animoto, there are four times as many customers who would rather watch a video about a product than read about it.

The power video can have on the purchase-decision process explains why, 93% of businesses who incorporate video into their marketing strategy state that it has increased consumer understanding of their product, which in turn affects their conversion rates.

Provide your customers with premium video experience

If you run an online business, you know that doing business online involves some challenges. Customers don’t always have an opportunity to see how your product looks, feels and works. This has a direct impact on sales and conversion rates. 

One of the most effective ways to solve this problem is to add video content to your marketing strategy. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a video – 1,000,000 words! And video will not only help you increase sales and conversions but also increase customer satisfaction. 

What is more, in today’s fast-paced world people don’t have time to read long product descriptions, and video content gives a lot of information in a short period of time without any effort from the viewer’s side. 

To create a proper video experience and strengthen the trust, a business should consider a professional video platform for e-commerce that allows customizing the video player on the website and overall interaction.  

And ultimately videos drive engagement and higher conversions

Video has moved from being just a branding tool to being a sales tool, continuously helping online businesses to drive more sales. Adding video content to a product page can increase conversion rates by 80%. Why?

  1. Engagement: Videos can capture and hold the viewer’s attention for longer, leading to greater engagement and a higher likelihood of conversion.
  2. Emotional connection: Videos can evoke emotions and create a personal connection with the audience, leading to increased trust and brand loyalty.
  3. Product demonstration: Videos can effectively demonstrate how a product works, its features, and benefits, making it easier for the customer to understand and make a purchase decision.
  4. Increased accessibility: Videos can provide a convenient and accessible way for customers to learn about products, especially for those who may prefer visual content.

Videos are a valuable asset in your marketing strategy. Some retailers even reported that product videos alone managed to increase their sales by a whopping 144%. And there is no reason why your online business can’t achieve the same.

Utilizing Viqeo & PrestaShop to unlock the power of video

Viqeo module for PrestaShop provides e-commerce businesses with all the tools needed to create, upload and distribute engaging video content to an e-commerce website without restrictions. 

Functionality, reliability and performance of video marketing with Viqeo has been proven by major e-commerce and online media. Viqeo video platform also allows online stores to customize their video player to match the look and feel of their brand and generate the perfect premium video experience. 

Viqeo provides businesses with invaluable data and insights to make better decisions about their video strategy and drive business forward. 

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