Why Invest in an 0800 Number?

Freephone 0800 numbers are good for business. After all, firms that use an 0800 number for customers tend to do better than those which publish a local number or a mobile phone number on their sales literature.

0800 freephone number

There are plenty of good reasons for this which is why an 0800 business telephone number is often regarded as an investment rather than an undesirable overhead. Given that so much business is conducted over the phone, especially among small and medium-sized enterprises, offering your clients the chance to call you without them being charged makes a great deal of sense.

Read on to find out why so many companies in the UK now have a freephone telephone number.

Boost Enquiries and Beef Up Sales

The main purpose of a freephone number for any business is to increase the number of people willing to call it. As such, they’re great for customer service lines but also as sales hotlines. If you put your sales literature through people’s doors, promote your firm on social media or even make use of traditional TV, newspaper and radio advertising, then you will want people to call your company.

Many independent studies show that both business-to-business and business-to-consumer enterprises see a great uplift in the number of enquiries they receive when they have an 0800 number. As such, promoting one is a sure way to add to your sales funnel and boost the number of sales your team will subsequently make.

Give Your Firm a Nationwide Presence

Importantly, everyone in the UK knows what an 0800 number means – it is a number that’s free to call from most mobile service providers and landlines. Even better, an 0800 business number doesn’t spell out where the call will end up. As such, if you run a business in Birmingham but want to obtain more customers in London, Cardiff or Leeds, for instance, then an 0800 number will do the trick.

Answer Your 0800 Number Anywhere

An 0800 business number can redirect callers wherever you need them to be answered. According to Cleartone Communications, a leading supplier of non-geographical business telephone numbers in the UK, many smaller enterprises, especially, want to have calls to their 0800 number sent to a group of mobile phones during the day but to forward to a landline or voicemail in the evening. This is possible, along with many other configurations that can be changed on an hourly or daily basis, where necessary. This means that businesses that operate in the field, in particular, can enjoy better communications with their clients.

Benefit From Additional Features

0800 numbers are now better than ever. Businesses don’t just have to have them transfer callers to a dedicated landline any longer. As such, you can have your calls to an 0800 number service answered automatically and a greeting played. Having the calls recorded, Business WhatsApp integration, music on hold and voicemail are all popular options.

You can even block callers to avoid nuisances and time wasters, too, another handy feature that many enterprises make use of.

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