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Relationships and engagements come with many expectations. To solemnize them, people need some symbols that in most cases are rings. Today, people are moving away from conventional diamond and gold rings. They are now choosing moissanite over other stones. So, what is Moissanite and why is it becoming so popular for engagement rings? Read on to find out…

Diamonds are forever and girls love them. However, they are expensive and not many people can afford to buy them. People can indeed do anything for engagement. However, why not consider an alternative if it is available? Moissanite is a perfect alternative to diamond especially because of the price factor. More that, it has the same superior qualities as diamond.

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The origin of Moissanite

Henri Moissan discovered moissanite in his studies of a meteorite in 1879-93. His work alongside other researchers discovered the material as silicon carbide (SiC).  As a result, they started mass production of the stone in laboratories. Today, there is enough supply of the stone for use in various industries including the jewelry sector.

Over the years, moissanite grows in its relevance and use. There are many more people looking for this stone to buy it. So, why do people compare moissanite to diamond? Well, its increasing popularity in the market today is due to the following reasons:

1. Value and Affordability

Compared to diamonds, the price of moissanite is a mere fraction of what diamond costs. Therefore, many people prefer moissanite to diamond because they will get similar qualities and value at a cheaper price. Buying an engagement ring of this stone is more affordable than buying a diamond version.

Supply affects the price and due to the increased manufacturing of moissanite, it is more available than diamond. The improved lab processes have produced high-quality moissanite for use and people seem to love it the more.

2. Hardness and durability

On Moh’s scale of hardness, moissanite records a value of 9.25, which is comparable to that of diamond. Therefore, jewelry lovers would go for moissanite especially because it is hard enough at a lower price. In that case, they do not see the need to overspend on a diamond while they can get all they want in this stone. For that reason, it is perfect gemstone for jewelry.

Moissanite is scratch resistant hence is more durable than most gems you will find in the market. No one wants something that will spoil at the slightest scratch. After discovering this secret, many jewelry lovers have been going for moissanite. It is worth the investment because it will serve you for a long time.

3. It is a beautiful stone

Moissanite is beautiful and elegant due to its high refractive index. This characteristic is responsible for the fire and brilliance that it has. Jewelry lovers want to sparkle and they are constantly getting it from this gem. Especially for an engagement ring, this beauty and elegance in moissanite makes all the difference.

4. Variety of color

The color of gemstones adds to the beauty of jewelry products. For moissanite, jewelry lovers have variety of colors to pick from it. Therefore, the stone beats other stones when itcomes to giving users variety to add to their beauty and elegance. Most importantly, manufacturers can make different grades and match different prices of the stone.

5. Different sizes and shapes

Moissanite comes in different sizes and shapes. It is also to cut. This is unlike diamonds, which require sophisticated machines and tools. These various sizes and shapes are perfect for producing different styles and designs of engagement rings. This trend has attracted many jewelry lovers.

Those looking for a lightweight alternative stone to diamond while benefiting from diamond-like qualities should consider moissanite. The stone comes in a package full of benefits to the user ranging from hardness, beauty to reliability in terms of the quality it has to offer.

Engagement rings have come in different styles and fashions since man discovered them. We have seen different styles and stones flood the market and the trend does not seem to end any time soon. Moissanite provides diamond-like qualities that have increased its popularity in the market. With moissanite coming into this space, we can only anticipate much more to happen.

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