Ziggi’s Coffee Supported Mental Health Awareness Month

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Ziggi's Coffee Supported Mental Health Awareness Month

Ziggi’s Coffee, a dynamic and community-focused coffee franchise, recently took part in Mental Health Awareness Month by organizing a fundraising campaign for two prominent organizations: the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), one of the nation’s leading voices on Mental Health and Revital, a group committed to a proactive approach to serving first responders. With a mission to redefine how brands connect with their communities, Ziggi’s Coffee is dedicated to extending its reach beyond its business operations and supporting initiatives that make a positive impact.

Recognizing the personal impact of mental health and its significance in every community, Brandon Knudsen, the CEO of Ziggi’s Coffee, expressed the company’s commitment to contributing to Mental Health Awareness Month. “Mental Health is a topic that is deeply personal for many and affects every single community,” said Knudsen. “As a community-driven company, we are looking to do our part by supporting Mental Health Awareness Month and raising funds for two incredible organizations.”

Engaging with NAMI and Revital has not only raised awareness about mental health but also highlighted the importance of community support and resources. Knudsen expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to work with these organizations, stating, “Engaging with these organizations has shown me how important these services are to the communities they serve. Everyone should have access to the resources they need to prioritize their mental health.”

Through the collective efforts of Ziggi’s Coffee and their loyal customers, the fundraising campaign yielded an impressive sum of over $55,000. These funds will be donated to Revital and the state chapters of NAMI in the regions where Ziggi’s Coffee operates. By directing their support towards these local organizations, Ziggi’s Coffee aims to make a significant impact on the communities they serve.

As Ziggi’s Coffee continues to expand, their focus on community involvement remains steadfast. By leading by example, Ziggi’s Coffee inspires other businesses and individuals to take an active role in supporting their communities and making a meaningful difference in the lives of those around them.

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