Best 8 Sites To Buy TikTok Likes to Get Your Video to FYP

If you have ever wanted to become a ticktocker then you know how important it is to be on for your page. You probably also know the importance of getting likes for your page. 

However you haven’t been getting a lot of likes lately and you probably want to find out the easiest way with one of the easy ways to get Tik-Tok likes that I’ll help you get for you on the Tik-Tok platform.

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Although buying likes may seem like an easy way to get onto the foryou page.Yet  it is not that easy. you will need to know how to vet and how to  check the platforms for their safety, security and legality. new light

But if you want to save time on that as well we have prepared these websites so that you could just go to them by link and get your Tik-Tok likes ready to go.

There were a few aspects that we have checked these sites on: we have paid attention to the reviews, the price and the service as three of the most important aspects of the platform. However, we have also looked at some of the cool features about the sites they design and the performance and user-friendliness of those platforms.

So if you have to ever land on any of those sites you can be rest assured that any of the sites that I don’t want to list I didn’t find the best  sites to buy Tik-Tok likes to get your video to 4 You page. 


The first platform on our list is Pubtok. This is a platform that solely focuses on titkok likes, followers and views. As a platform that focuses on tiktok products, they also offer other  free tools for tiktok such as free titkok money calculator, free tiktok likes, and more. 

The fact that they offer free likes with no complications is what got them into the first place, making them one of the best places to buy tiktok likes  Because when we were doing our research, we had come across a few platforms that offer the same. Pubtok turned out to be the only platform that offered free titkok likes without any complications and so on. 

All it takes is just your titkok account and that is it. There are no email entries or no creation of accounts, no nothing of this kind. 

Apart from the free likes, the platform also has many positive reviews on trustpilot. Their overall score on trustpilot is 4.2, making it one of the best platforms to buy tiktok likes to get your video to FYP.  While reviews might not directly help you get to the for you page, it at least makes ones’ doubts disappear, as the higher the reviews the better the platform most likely is. 

There is another important aspect of this platform, which is the chat. Of course, chat in and of itself is not that meaningful for people like us who are just visiting the site and checking it out. However if you are a customer and you probably want to talk to the agent or to the seller directly.

What better way to make this possible if not with the help of the chat. Plus, the agents seem nice and friendly enough to make this a worthwhile purchase. 


The next on our list is feedpixel. This is a platform that sells and offers more than just the tiktok likes. It is one of the biggest platforms in the industry by the way the site looks, and also because it offers products for many platforms. 

They do have those free tools like free tiktok money calculator and so on, but they don’t seem to offer free tiktok likes. But since you are probably looking to buy tiktok likes. You will be pleased to know that they have quite the high quality of tiktok followers, views, and overall all other products.

The praised chat support option is also available  with this platform as well. In fact, it is due to platforms like these that the chat feature itself is so often praised. Because at the end of the day, if the platform doesn’t do something out of the ordinary the features won’t matter at all.

There are a few other platforms with exceptional features that we  will be discussing, so stay turned to not miss them.

When it comes to the reviews of the site, the site is quite popular and is well respected. This you can easily see with the reviews on their site. They are almost all positive. Well there are a few poor to normal reviews but which company does not at this day and age. 

Overall, this is truly one the best platforms to buy tiktok likes that will not only help you get onto the FYP page, but just help you grow in general. 


Trollishly is the next platform on our list of best sites to buy tiktok likes to review. Trollishly, like the first site, focuses only on the tiktok products. as a platform that sells only tiktok platforms they do have high quality likes, views, and followers. They just don’t offer free tiktok like the sites above. 

One of the reasons this platform got into being one of the best sites to buy tik tiktok likes is their fast delivery service. compared to the other platforms their delivery seems to be quite fast. Now at this point it is important for us to mention that we don’t know whether this is good or bad in terms of your promotion on tiktok and on tiktok’s algorithm, but the fact remains that they are faster.

Another thing about this platform is the availability of the chat feature. They do have the chat feature and it just does seem to be fair that all the best sites to buy tiktok likes have that feature for otherwise it would be hard to call them the best platforms.

Testimonials is the other feature of the site that is worth praising for. Although they don’t have many positive reviews on trustpilot, they have more on their platform. This is a move that many companies are making now, that they have an area for the testimonials and the people can easily leave their reviews right there. 

Social viral

Social viral is another one of the platforms that sells quality tiktok likes and followers. As a social media platform they also offer other products for other companies. They have likes and views, including followers for companies like Instagram, Facevboo, Twitter and more. 

When you land on the stie, the design and the simplicity of the site strikes anyone’s mind, yet, despite its simplistic design you are able to navigate around the website quite well. when it comes to the products especially titok likes. 

Their pricing could have some improvements, although they say they are one of the cheapest in the industry, we have witnessed some other platforms that were considerably cheaper not only than them, but quite a bit of other platforms as well.

The cheapness of the platform can really be felt if one is to open more than just a few hundred likes or more. While not everyone orders in great numbers, the feature that the often praise which is the availability of chat Is available on social viral as well Spirit Airline food nearby

If you are to discuss their views and whether they have or not especially on trustpilot, they don’t have any reviews.  However, they do have a lot of testimonials on their page and they all seem to be positive, mentioning how quick the website is and how great the service and the quality of likes they get. so overall the website is legit and provides good service with their pricing and testimonials to prove them Spirit Airline.

If you ever want to buy Tik-Tok likes and get your video onto a free page on Tik-Tok then you should definitely consider social viral as one of the first places you should go. 


Speak boost is the next Black form on our list of the best sites to buy Tik-Tok likes. this is also one of those sites that offer only Tik-Tok products; they happen to have one of the best Tik-Tok likes did the highest quality in the market. and if you are looking  to be on the fyp page  you can list this platform among the ones the visit.

There are a few things that make this platform one of the best sites and those things are what causes them to be on a list Cohen one of them is surely the price coma they have very competitive pricing in fact it wouldn’t be for reaching if you said their pricing is very low,

It’s not just the pricing though they also offer five deliveries,  In fact as per experience they were in a lot of platforms that offer fast deliveries.  Royal fast deliveries might not be something that every single person is looking for, it’s still nice to know what you bought arrived fast.

Much like every other platform they offer secure payments confidential information and good service, especially good service dr.

However they’re not the only ones that offer good service but since we are talking about the best sites to buy Tik-Tok likes to get your video on for you page. it’s only fair that we include them in the list.

However one of the biggest disadvantages is the fact that they don’t have an account on trustpilot nor do they have any reviews on that platform. 


Likesgeek is a great platform to buy Tik-Tok likes,  it’s not only because they have the higher quality Tik-Tok likes and for pricing coupled with good service. but  all those reasons plus good reviews on trustpilot and availability of chat.

If we take the pricing strategy, they seem to be one of the cheapest platforms in the industry of selling Tik-Tok likes. It’s hard to say they are the cheapest because we haven’t actually checked every single platform in the industry. 

However, among  the platforms we have checked and even those we have listed in this article they’re actually the ones that are cheaper.
In terms of service they seem to be doing just as well as the  most of the other sites in the industry. In fact they do have a chat and the agents who apply on the chat almost immediately. 

The fact that those agents are friendly and kind and try to help you as much as possible is something that’s new to this industry.

When it comes to the  consumer reviews on the website Likesgeek is lagging behind. Although they only  have 3.5 score on trustpilot, they have a lot more positive testimonials on the oven website.

Overall if you have to ever want to buy Tik-Tok likes in hopes to get your video on fyp page, you should definitely consider this platform among the list of best platforms to buy tiktok likes. It has passed all the aspects of our scrutiny and  all the tests we have done.


This is one of the best platforms to buy tiktok likes to help you not just get on to hehe FYP page, but also increase engagement and show the algorithm that you have what it takes to go viral. The website offers quality tiktok likes and more. 

One of the biggest advantages about this platform compared to the others is the fact that they offer some of the cheapest products in the market, including the tiktok likes.  The website is neat and very easy to navigate. In fact the site offers chat support that we discussed a lot. 

Their chat is also very friendly and kind, and helps out with every enquiry. in fact, we have not met any platform that implemented a chat and the chat agent wouldn’t help. we have seen platforms with no chats but the ones with it, already had it with nice and friendly agented in it. 

The reviews of the platform is where we find solid ground to compare. Because their profile does have a solid foundation on trustpilot with hundreds of positive reviews. 

The platform has so much going for, cheap prices, good reviews, chat support although only after you register with the site. So, this new  advanced version of the chat feature is something that enhances the customer serivce of the ones who are already buying. while it may be bad for other visitors, this doesn’t seem to be reflected in their reviews.


This is one of the strangest yet of course the best platforms to buy tiktok likes. The strange part is that they have quite the simple design, with a lot of texts and ordinary layout. That design used to be popular 20-30 years ago, but perhaps people still miss those times or want to go back which is why they have come out to be one of the best platforms as well to buy tiktok likes. 

The parts that make this one of the best sites to buy tiktok likes is first they offer multiple types of tiktok products, some of which we have not found on other platforms; things like auto-likes, auto-views, and even shares. Of course not  all of those products are hot selling, but the mere inclusion of them at all means that the site wants to become a one-stop shop for ones’ all tiktok needs.

Now the  platform has chat support and answers almost immediately. That is a good sign that there is something real sitting there, and answering the incoming chats, but it is also a good sign that they care about their customer support, and quite a bit. 

The website has a trustpilot account with no reviews, and there  are not many testimonials on the site as well. This may be the only drawback about this site but, this is not the only site, without reviews on the trustpilot in fact, far from it.  

A few of the sites in our list also did not have reviews on trustpilot but we still decided to include them, because they had everything else going for them. It is the case with paymetoo, the platform has great support, fair prices, and easy to navigate website all of which are integral parts of what one-stop social media platform is supposed to be. 

To wrap up 

In summary, these are the best sites to buy tiktok likes to get your video to FYP. If you are toc come across another platform that you did not read about here, don’t hesitate to ask out to check them out and vet them for. 

In regards to the platforms that are in the list, you can rest assured that you don’t ever have to spend a minute vetting them for it has all been done for you. 

If you however want to check a site you have been buying for a while, make sure to look for the reviews on the trustpilot first, then check out the chat support or something and try to talk to them.

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