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Victoria, BC – Angela Coté (AC) Inc. has entered into an exclusive partnership with FranServe, Inc.

“This partnership is an incredible opportunity,” says Angela Coté, CEO at AC Inc. “Our ethos are so aligned and it’s an amazing chance for two brands who both care deeply for the success of emerging franchisors to partner and create a positive impact in the industry.”

“FranServe Inc. is truly thrilled to partner with Angela Coté Inc!” says Alesia Visconti. CEO & President at FranServe. “We always go the extra mile for our brands and fully support their success. With Angela’s knowledge and experience in the franchise space, we know this partnership will be utterly fran-tastic for all!”

With AC Inc. helping emerging franchisors develop their systems, recruitment process, and brand, and FranServe offering high-quality consulting services, emerging franchise brands will be equipped with the support they need to achieve their growth goals.

Key benefits of this new partnership: 

  • AC Inc. is the exclusive franchise advisory firm for FranServe.
  • AC Inc. uses its 100+ years of franchise expertise to help emerging franchise brands solidify and optimize their offerings – including economics, recruitment process, field coaching, onboarding, and marketing.
  • FranServe is the exclusive franchise consultant/broker for AC Inc.
  • FranServe is the largest franchise consulting and expansion organization in the world. They connect entrepreneurs to franchise opportunities and introduce franchisors to qualified franchise candidates.
  • With this new partnership, emerging franchise brands can leverage the expertise and services of two aligned franchise supplier companies that care deeply about their success and growth.

“Thinking about this partnership I can’t help but think of the African Proverb, ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together,’” says Angela Coté. “We love finding more ways to bring collaboration into the franchise industry and this feels like a perfect example of that!”

About Angela Coté Inc

AC Inc. offers resources, advising, and actionable steps to help franchise systems become more profitable and achieve their goals for growth. AC Inc. uses its signature AC Method (the 5 areas of franchise system performance) to help established and emerging franchise systems optimize franchise growth.

About FranServe

FranServe, Inc. was founded with one goal: to help others achieve their dreams of business ownership through franchising. As the largest franchise consulting and expansion organization in the world, they connect entrepreneurs to franchise opportunities, introduce franchisors to qualified people, and train the industry’s most knowledgeable consultants to make it all happen.

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