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Every year and every month, many companies carry out the rebranding procedure. This is due to various reasons. One of the main roles in rebranding is performed by the logo. To him, the change can be complete or partial. Considering that it is the logo that is the face of the company in front of consumers, the logo should display the history of the brand’s development or its further goals. All the world’s largest companies have changed their logos in one way or another to match current trends, as well as to differ favorably from their competitors.

The final logo should correspond to current trends, while being bright in order to attract the attention of consumers, given the modern abundance of advertising. 

At the same time, there are various ways that will allow you to create a new logo or profitably change an existing one, namely:

  • Creation of the logo directly by the owner of the company or its employees,
  • Creating and changing a logo in specialized agencies or with freelance designers, but such work is quite expensive.
  • Creation of logos in special programs that select different options.

One way or another, the rebranding cannot be completely completed without changing the current company logo.

The main reasons for rebranding

There are many different reasons why companies are rebranding. It is from them that the change of the logo should depend. The main reasons include:

  • Expansion of the company and its entry into new international markets,
  • Reduction of the company’s image due to various circumstances,
  • An unsuccessful advertising campaign that will further hinder the development of the brand,
  • Lack of popularity and brand awareness.

When rebranding, a lot changes in the company, but it is recommended to start rebranding with the creation (change) of the logo, which will become the new face of the company and will promote its goods and services not only in the domestic, but also in the foreign market.

When creating and changing a logo, you need to pay attention to several things, namely:

  • The company’s activities,
  • Reasons for rebranding,
  • Modern trends in the creation of logos,
  • Tasks that the logo should solve.

Depending on this, choose the way to create a logo, and the features that will favorably distinguish it from competitors.

1) Unique fonts

Logo by pixtocraft

This trend will allow you to keep the existing logo, but at the same time it will give it a new shape, which will attract the attention of buyers. At the same time, in modern times there are many different fonts and a text logo can be placed on many sites, which opens up new advertising opportunities for brand promotion.

At the same time, such a logo will be impossible to repeat, and it can be made noticeable with the help of additional bright colors, which at the initial stage will attract the attention of consumers.

2) Maternity hospital style from the 90s

Logo by SAMPLE

In the 90s there were a lot of interesting logos that are now gaining popularity among users. Of course, it is not worth copying existing logos, but one of the available solutions can be used as a basis. Considering that almost all logos of this time have bright and saturated colors, it is safe to say that they will definitely attract the attention of consumers.

3) Layering

Logo by Md Motaleb

This trend will be ideal for companies that are expanding the scope of their activities. You can add additional elements to the existing logo that will show the further path of brand development. At the same time, the old symbolism will preserve the history of the brand, and people tend to trust brands with a history, because if it has been working on the market for a long time, then it is a successful brand that is popular with many consumers.

4) Games with symbols

Logo by Md Fahad

Also, the trend of playing with symbols will help to save the existing logo and add novelty to it. The changes will affect only a certain part of the logo, but its meaning will be radically changed. It will differ favorably from the logo familiar to many, but at the same time its initial history will be recognized, which will allow you to keep loyal connoisseurs of the brand.

Logo by Abdullah Designs

This trend has been observed since the development of the Internet, but still does not lose its popularity. More and more websites and various social networks are being created, which are popular with various segments of consumers. The presence of a small logo allows it to be placed both on various websites on the Internet and on social networks, which significantly increases audience reach and brand awareness, and this is one of the main conditions for entering new markets where the brand was not previously known.

Changing the logo is a necessity when rebranding the company. These changes are carried out even by companies that are world leaders in certain areas of the market. By changing the logo, they attract the attention of users who are discussing changes to the current company logo. All this contributes to the fact that the brand becomes even more popular, and this leads to increased sales and, as a result, to an increase in the company’s profits.

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