Key Speaker Jina Etienne’s New Take on Diversity

As a CPA, a woman, and a person of color, Jina has experienced the struggle many go through in a profession where people of color have faced challenges that have led to them code switching and attempting to mirror their white counterparts to overcome disadvantages. Her decades-long career left her with insights not only into the issues people of color and women face but also how these problems can be solved. Jina has written about the topic from many different angles for, and at our Live Summit, she’s ready to take on the subject of authenticity and break down diversity and company culture so small firms can take steps towards positive change. 

Watch our discussion in the video below and meet the woman who’s been a public supporter of not only change, but of helping to make it happen. It’s not just the same old talk on why diversity is important: Jina will lead a discussion that moves the conversation ahead and connects with audience members by sharing her real-world experiences. Register now to meet Jina in person and attend a diversity discussion that digs into the everyday challenges you face.

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In-person conferences are back, and the main mission of AccountingWEB, which has always been to focus on what really matters to our audience, is reflected in our event. Meet old friends, network with high-level experts you’ve wanted to meet, join open conversations, and get ready to hear where the accounting profession is going in the near future. There’s something for everyone: both must-see sessions and the chance to reconnect with colleagues over lunch. Don’t miss out: Register here today

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